Q: How long does Tire Penz last?

If applied correctly using instructions above, paint can last up to 1 year on sidewall(less in tread-results may vary).

Q: How many Tire Penz will I need to paint my tires?

For sidewall lettering: One pen should be plenty to do even large lettering on 4 tires and still have some leftover to touch up. For tread pattern: We assume you mean tread pattern of a motorcycle or scooter tire. Tire Penz is not designed for use in tread patterns of ATV, car, truck, or bicycle tires. Tread patterns similar to the Dunlop BATTLAX require one pen to paint the entire pattern, with some leftover for touchups.

Q: Is the paint waterproof?

Generally, yes. Prolonged exposure to extremely moist conditions may deteriorate the paint, but overall the paint is waterproof.

Q: Does Tire Penz affect the grip of the tires on wet or dry surfaces?

No. The paint applied to the treads should be in 1 or 2 really light coats. Any more than that and you risk the paint chipping or cracking (see above instructions for ‘Applying to Tire Tread’).

Q: I bought a kit expecting to see Formula 51(Primer) and it’s not there…what gives?

Our newest paint mixture no longer requires Formula 51. This means less time spent painting, more time showing it off.

Q: What is REFLECT?How does it work?

Have you ever noticed how light reflects off of the painted lines on roads at night? Same concept! REFLECT is a reflective sand that, when applied to Tire Penz paint, gives off a flash of light at night. Let the road see you coming! We think this is especially important for rider safety as it helps promote visibility at night or in low light conditions.

Q: What kind of tires/surfaces will Tire Penz work on?

A: We’ve tested our paint on pretty much any rubber surface you would want to paint: from lettering on 18 wheelers to the toe caps of our favorite shows. This paint is designed specifically to bond to rubber.

Q: Does Tire Penz have a distributor in (insert country/city name here)?

If you don’t see anyone listed in the ‘Distributors’ section of our site, chances are we don’t. But we definitely want to hear from you! Please send an email using the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site so we can talk about carrying Tire Penz in your region.

Q: Is there anything else I should know before purchasing?

We’ve tested in all sorts of conditions and our paint mix has stood up to the challenge. That being said, overall results may vary. If you find that you followed the above instructions carefully, but are not seeing the results you expected, send us an email with some pictures of the issue. We will address it the best we can.